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Enzyme Reactivation Treatments Are A Proven System Of Ultra-Milk Skin Treatments Targeting Pigmentation, Sun-Damage And Acne.

The Enzyme Reactivation Treatment can help restore the skin’s luminosity by reducing pigmentation, sun damage and even acne. These treatments are generally prescribed in four to six phases of treatment which will be spread a month apart and take approximately thirty minutes per session. Over this time the appearance of your skin will gradually improve until we have achieved your desired results. It is also recommended that you maintain the quality of your skin during and after treatment with a medical grade skincare regime to boost the efficacy of your treatment.

Customised For Your Skin Type

Every skin condition can benefit from this simple but effective procedure, which is even suitable for sensitive skin. We will customise your treatment, selecting from varying strengths of Lactic, Salicylic

and Pyruvic Acids according to your skin’s unique needs and how your skin responds to treatment.

The procedure will involve no pain and no downtime which means you’ll be able to return back to your daily activities directly after treatment.

Target Pigmentation, Acne And Fine Lines

Enzyme Reactivation Treatments can be customised to target your personal skin concerns. It is also possible to treat multiple concerns at once including pigmentation, acne and fine lines all during the same course of treatment. A treatment plan for each of these conditions will be drawn up and each area will be treated with the appropriate Enzyme Reactivation solution.

This Treatment Works With Your Skin

The Enzyme Reactivation Solution is based on organic compounds such as Lactic Acid and Vitamin C which are either produced or easily absorbed by the body. These ingredients work with your skin’s natural physiology to restore a healthier, clearer and more luminous tone and texture.

Which Enzyme Reactivation Treatment Is Right For Me?

Lactic Acid

Lactic Acid can recalibrate the skin’s pH for an optimal level of acidity for youthful looking skin. It also promotes the reactivation of enzymes that stimulate youth, while inhibiting ‘ageing’ co-factors. Lactic acid also helps refine pores and resurface the skin gently to deliver a younger appearance that exudes that luminous ‘fresh’ appearance. Amino Acids can also help restore the skin’s barrier, nurture collagen and elastin synthesis while the skin’s level of hydration is reset by minerals including Calcium, agnesium and Potassium.

Salicylic Acid

If your skin requires a deep clean to refine the pores and reduce oily skin then salicylic acid may be recommended to keep the skin clear and luminous. Beta-Hydroxy Acid (which is Oil­soluble) also penetrates skin follicles to exfoliate dead skin and unclog pores which reduces the occurrence of breakouts and shiny skin. Mineral-derived soothing and healing agents help to reduce the irritation and sensitivity associated with oily skin breakouts.

Pyruvic Acid

If you have sensitive and sun-damaged skin then pyruvic acid can rejuvenate and restore strength. This acid resurfaces the skin gently with fortifying enzyme reactivation, reinforcing the integrity of your skin and reducing sensitivity and irritation. Pyruvic acid can also provide cellular energy which revitalises and re-firms skin which has lost its lustre. The amino acids also aid in restoring the natural barrier of your skin as well as nourish the deeper layers of skin with moisture.



A chemical peel is a type of enzyme reactivation treatment that is designed to reduce pigmentation in the skin, as well as the visible effects of sun damage and acne. The treatments are generally administered in four to six phases of treatment a month apart. Each session typically takes around thirty minutes to complete. Over time, the appearance of the skin gradually improves.

Chemical peels are pain-free and require no down-time after treatment.

There are a number of treatment options available. A treatment plan with varying strengths of lactic, salicylic and pyruvic acids will be customised based on your skin type, condition, and specific needs.


Lactic acid works by recalibrating the skin’s pH. This helps to produce an optimal level of acidity, enhancing the skin’s appearance. The ingredient also promotes the reactivation of enzymes that stimulate youthful looking skin, refines pores and resurfaces the skin.


Salicylic acid is a highly effective ingredient and works to clean and refine the pores, helping to reduce unwanted oiliness. The ingredient  penetrates the skin follicles and exfoliates dead skin and unblocks pores. This reduces the occurrence of breakouts and improves the appearance of shiny skin.

At Skinhance, our surgeons and aesthetic nurses will assess your concerns, and inform you of the available options. We believe in enhancing your own features and obtaining a natural and youthful look.


All surgical procedures carry risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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